Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Do You Struggle With The Secret Password To The Soul?

Love has so many faces. Love is known for its grace, forgiveness and acceptance. Love is also strong as a leader. And love is also the gateway to the soul. Anthony Douglas Williams writes, “Love is the secret password to every soul.” These eight words—particularly the word love—are all we need to know, the rest is all and only commentary. If only we could connect to and embrace such simplicity, such mindfulness. Our soul’s calling is to live a life of purpose, love, fulfillment and service. Yet, it’s the challenge of living in our modern society, that leads to disconnection from our soul. Most of us grow up in an environment that pulls us away from our inherent nature, which is love. Our all-knowing source we know as love, yet for most people, we only visit a church, temple or holy places on Sundays or special holidays to remind us there is something greater. Then we go back to “reality.” Just look around and see what humanity has created—a distortion, a separation f