Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Unhappy Marriage: How To Decide Whether To Stay Or Go

Unhappy Marriage: How To Decide Whether To Stay Or Go You roll over in bed in the morning and look at the person lying next to you. Is this the person you thought you married? Do you feel anything close to the connection and intimacy you felt when you were first together? Perhaps now all you feel is angry or irritated. Maybe you’re hurt, bored, or unfulfilled. Worse yet, maybe you feel nothing at all. One thing you do know for sure is that you aren’t happy. Your marriage isn’t what you want it to be, and it’s infecting your entire life. How can you be happy when this central piece of your life is on the skids? You don’t want to live like this any longer — constantly bickering, feeling resentful, or just completely detached and emotionally drained. The rubber has met the road, and you know it’s time to do something. But the big question is — what do you do? Do you stay or do you go? Is there enough to salvage the relationship, or is it clear beyond a doubt that this mar