Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Few Reasons Daydreams Lead You To Greatness

You get a bad rap if you daydream, but people who write off your wandering mind shouldn’t be so quick to judge. If your thoughts often drift to far off places, you’ve probably been lectured quite a bit over the years. People have told you to take your head out of the clouds and focus on sensible things. “Get your mind right and stop thinking about nothing,” they’d say, rolling their eyes. “Focus on what’s important.” But you were focusing on important things. They just didn’t realize it, and it’s possible that you didn’t either. Maybe you still don’t. You may remember moments when spending too much time in your own head didn’t end well. Was there a situation where you got chewed out by a parent, friend, or significant other for not listening? Failed a test because you didn’t pay attention to a lesson? Cut yourself preparing food because you were distracted? Zoning out did more harm than good back then. But you shouldn’t dismiss your daydreams, despite the