Tuesday, December 19, 2017

5 Reasons Why I’m Buying Kala

5 Reasons Why I’m Buying Kala

Need a second opinion on all of this Kala hype? Here are 5 reasons why I’m choosing to buy Kala.

1. Rare Opportunity

If you’re like me, it’s easy to take one look at the crypto market and feel like you’ve missed the boat. I’m one of those people kicking themselves because I didn’t purchase cryptocurrency when it was available at a much lower price tag! So with all things considered, it’s pretty insane that I now have the chance to buy Kala from the start. This time, I’m not missing out!

2. More for My Money

As a millennial in today’s world, I understand the struggle of living on a budget but also dealing with severe FOMO everytime a new product hits the market. While it would be nice to throw countless sums of money into every new exciting venture, that’s sadly unrealistic, and I need to make my money count.
With Kala, even if all I can work with is an extra $50, I can buy thousands of tokens at less than 10 cents a piece to redeem for real items! Now that sounds like a pretty wise spend.

3. I Can Actually Use It!

While many cryptocurrencies seem to have no purpose other than to float around the internet, Kala has value from the moment it hits my crypto wallet. Because it was created specifically for the Symatri Ecosystem, Kala is meant to be redeemed for actual goods!
So remember that $50 I mentioned earlier? The thousands of tokens I bought can now go towards a big screen TV, an iPad, or tons of other items listed at discounted prices! 

4. Earning is Easy

If purchasing cryptocurrency isn’t your thing, Kala makes it easier to earn crypto than ever before. Rather than relying on a proof-of-work or proof-of-stake system, Kala runs on a proof-of-effort system which requires no equipment or skill to start earning!
All I need to do to do is complete simple tasks through the CORE platform. By performing small tasks like short surveys or product reviews, I can earn, redeem, and start again! Something tells me this could work wonders for my bank account…

5. Simple to Understand

Kala is made to be used by real people. Their message is straightforward and simple! As a consumer, I want a clear understanding of what I’m getting into, and to not be confused by technical jargon. The Kala white paper lays it out perfectly, teaching all about Kala and why it should matter to me! Visit kalatoken.io for all the Kala info.
In the end, Kala is bringing cryptocurrency to the masses with a simple ecosystem of earning, redeeming, and living a rewarding life! I think that’s something we could all buy into.
So what are you waiting for? If you want to get involved with cryptocurrency, or even find easy ways to earn real rewards, join me and get involved with Kala right away!

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